corvisnocturnum (corvisnocturnum) wrote in vamplestatband,

New to group and a question

Hello everyone.

I am new to the group, long time fan of Rice books, but very new to the band Lestat.

I am an author (Embracing the Darkness; Understanding dark Subcultures) and at the moment writing Allure of the Vampire Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead. This pertains to the group as i am writing a chapter on how the rock star/sex attraction meets vampires allplies, and I cite this band. I'm curious though how the fans here think so here goes.

What attracted you to vampires originally? Why do you find them appealing or erotic? And what about this band caries over so well with Ann Rices work?

Write me at and use in the subject line, "Why vampires"

Thank you so much.

Warlock Corvis Nocturnum
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