Gary (lestatfreak) wrote in vamplestatband,


Hey, I'm Gary. I'm 15 years old. I starting reading the Anne Rice two years ago. I've finished most of the Vampire Chronicles and some of her others. I was at my friend's house one night and we watched the Queen Of The Damned that he rented. I loved it but didn't quite understand it until I read the books. I watched it again a year later. I love the music written for the movie. Forsaken, System, Not Meant For Me, Slept So Long, and Redeemer. Redeemer is okay but I love the rest of them. I even rigged up my stereo and a bunch of other things to get the movie versions on a CD. Its pretty quiet but I'm working on it. I like the soundtrack CD okay, but the movie versions were so much better. I'm trying right now to start a band to play music like that band. Vampiric Rock is the best!
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