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Newbe am I!

My name is Bobbi... but the better half of society will live another day longer if they call me Chaenz. I love the band, Lestat, from the movie, "Queen of the Damned". That was my first exposure to Anne Rice's works. I have been told that it's a bit off from the book... and they directors kinda squished "The Vampire, Lestat" and "Queen of the Damned" books together in the mmovie. I really enjoyed the way vampires were protrayed in the movie.

At first, I didn't know that there were books that inspired the movie. It took me forever to get ahold of one of the "Vampire Chronocles" installments... and it turned out to be "The Tale of the Body Thief". I lost interest because I didn't have a clue what was going on in the book. I returned it to the library, only two chapters into it.

My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to try the works again. He is a big fan of the chronicles and was rather excited that I even considered to read them.

I was in a food and drug store when I chanced to pass by "Interview with the Vampire" and "The Vampire, Lestat". I imediately grabbed them from the shelf and purchased them. I have just started "Interview with the Vampire" and cant wait to finish the series. I enjoy Anne's style of writing. The characters are well described.

I am the current owner of the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack, too. o.~

Love to the vamps,
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