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I never grow tired of LJ Cuts. =3 They're simply pointless. And yet very useful. I'm making no sense, am I? ^^ No. None at all. Okay. Onto the bio:

Name: Aura. I go by a few others, though, that including Sohrae, Gaia, Spangle, and a few others, that most likely do not matter. I go mostly by Aura and Sohrae anyhow.
Age: 14
DOB: February 21st, 1991
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair color/length: Reddish brown/about an inch past shoulders
Skin: Very fair, I do not tan easily. In fact, I do not tan at all. This is going to sound cliche, but the sun irritates me quite a bit. I can't even really stand it with my eyes closed.
Eyes: Vary between Blue, green, and grey. Sometimes purple with a reddish tinge, but why I do not know.
View on vampirism in general: I believe it exists.
View on the band in general: I've yet to hear the music on actual tape as of yet, but the lyrics are frightening, yet somehow have great importance, and still are enjoyable. Still frightening, however. Not too sure why. I want to use the word "haunting" but I feel it does not give the lyrics justice.

Hmm..well it said to be brief. If there's anything you wish to know about me, I suppose you could contact me on AIM. My screename is yummydnac. ^^ Glad to be here.
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