Prue (nightmares_rain) wrote in vamplestatband,

Hello I'm new to livejournal and to this community.
But I do have a blurty:
I havent been here on LJ for to long I do have a few friends but am always opened to talking to new people.
And heck just for the record and to get to know me and my mindset these are my fav bands: Bauhaus, London After Midnight,The Cult, The Cure, Voltaire, The Cranes,
Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Sisters of mercy,
Shadow Project, Two Witches, Love is colder then death,
Dead can dance, Death in June, Joy Division,
The Cruxshadows, Kittie, Murderdolls, COF,and Opeth
I look forward to being here. Thank you. :)

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